Measuring creditworthiness is the core activity for sound construction industry accounts receivable management.

BICA can help. When you're checking credit on a California contracting company, we offer our signature Comprehensive Credit Reporting Service, which includes

  • California contractor's license report
  • Trade references
  • Accounts receivable aging information
  • Legal items
  • Bank information

Nationwide, we can provide you with Experian and D&B credit reports that are a reliable source of credit information. Unless your volume is very high, you will find this can be a more economical answer than becoming a credit reporting service subscriber directly with these agencies.

Unlike our other services, credit reporting is an exclusive member benefit. Find out more about BICA membership and its many benefits. If you are already a member, request a credit report.

Trade Reference Clearing

Our members are an invaluable source for trade clearing. BICA members assist each other by providing information that we compile and provide to assist you in making sound credit judgments.

Weekly Bulletin

This exclusive BICA publication is a compilation and distillation by our professional staff of public documents of interest to building industry credit managers. The information includes mechanic's liens and releases, lis pendens, tax liens and releases, and judgments. The Weekly Bulletin covers all counties in southern California, numerous northern California counties and Maricopa County in Arizona.

Monitoring - Active Protection

Credit and job status are constantly changing. What was true yesterday or last week isn't necessarily true today. If you are not consistently and completely monitoring your customers' mechanic's liens, tax liens, lis pendens filings, and other indications of financial change, then you are taking unnecessary risks.

Performing such monitoring requires enormous time and extensive resources. Most supply companies and contractors have neither.

BICA has the solution.

For the same counties we offer the Weekly Bulletin, we offer our Sentry Report, a comprehensive monitoring service that constantly tracks your current customers for newly recorded documents. If activity occurs, BICA notifies you immediately with the recorded information in that document. You simply provide us the customer information, and we provide you the protection of having BICA on your team.

This active protection should be part of your credit management strategy. Contact us to inquire about this service.