The filing of mechanicís liens and stop notices are BICA services that removes your paperwork burden, while assuring you of notices that are correctly completed in a timely manner, consistent with state laws.

Our knowledgeable, experienced staff prepares and files the required notices for you. You get the advantage of our research and quality control, and the security of knowing everything is being done on time and correctly.

You will find that having BICA prepare and file notices is a highly economical choice, compared to the cost of in-house preparation. Many factors can cause you to lose the protection these notices are intended to provide, so professional preparation is the best way to protect your business from a potentially catastrophic loss.

Preliminary Notices/Notice to Owners

The preliminary notice, properly prepared and delivered, is essential to establishing and preserving your lien rights.

Easier said than done, which is why you gain substantial advantage by having BICA prepare all your preliminary notices. Filling out the form is useless unless itís backed by solid research to validate the information. A notice addressed to the wrong party, or sent to the wrong address, or not sent by the statutory deadline, is a notice not given.

BICA has enormous resources that enable us to research and verify information on the preliminary notice. We have a large staff of specialists with the knowledge, skills, and experience to obtain and verify the critical information using telephone verification, Internet and recorded documents. We have the capability to prepare and file preliminary notices in every state.

The cost of having all your preliminary notices done right is far, far less than the cost of doing even one notice incorrectly.

Let us prepare your next preliminary notice

Mechanicís Liens

If it becomes necessary to record a mechanicís lien, doing so in a timely and correct manner is essential. Thatís when you want BICA as your ally. Liens must be recorded within a specified period of time. Even a little late is entirely too late. You have other things to do, so let BICA help with this essential paperwork.

Just provide us the lien information and we will see that the necessary forms are correctly completed and recorded. You save the time and trouble of preparing and filing the paperwork, and you avoid the problems that can result from an improperly prepared lien, or one recorded too late.

Let BICA prepare your next mechanic's lien notice.

Stop Notices

When properly completed and properly served, a stop notice lets you make an attachment against a projectís remaining funds.

Preparing and serving such notices is a burden for most construction companies, which is why many of them wisely decide to rely on BICAís expertise.

Let BICA prepare your next stop notice.

Notice of Completion

In California, monitoring your project for a Notice of Completion is important in determining how much time you have left to file your lien and stop notices. BICA can provide you with the recorded Notice of Completion for all of Southern California and for many counties in Northern California, and Maricopa County AZ. BICA will give you notice so you can file your lien and stop notices on time.

Let BICA monitor for a notice of completion

Notices on Demand

Create your own preliminary notices using the same screens BICA uses for our in-house service. You will be able to print your preliminary notices, create labels, and mail logs for your notices. You can also create and print waivers, liens, lien releases and stop notice forms. A history of all these notices is saved with each of your jobs.

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