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Credit Reports

When you order a credit report, are you getting construction specific data?

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Lien Rights

Why send a notice that may not secure your lien rights?

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  • Why Use BICA?

    The attention to our Signature Verification Service directly relates to your success in getting paid.

    You can speak with anyone at BICA—from the President to the IT Manager to your Notice Liaison—for any reason.

    Why send a Job Notice at all that won’t stand up when challenged?

  • Customized Statistics and Reports That Add Value

    Accurate lien deadlines are easy to provide.

    We’re committed to fulfilling the unique reporting needs of every member and every branch.

    We offer releases in all 50 states, Job Deadlines Reports, Recorded Documents and more.

  • In-Depth Research and Phone Calls That Get Results

    Our expertise gives credit managers the freedom to do their jobs by relying on us to do ours.

    We meet and exceed our internal Signature Verification Service on every project, every time.

    We know the right questions to ask, and we have the best resources to get you the right answers.

Biggest Notice Mistakes

They’re out there! And we know how to keep you from making them.

  • Have you ever lost lien rights?
  • Was the data on your Notice inaccurate?
  • Was your Notice sent timely?
  • Did it go to the correct Owner of Record?
  • Did you notify the tenant?

Are you at risk?

Trusting BICA Since 1903

It goes without saying, BICA’s long history serving the construction industry speaks volumes. Since 1903 our members have trusted our products and services to help them make sound credit decisions. BICA, through the many changes over the last century, has been the foundation for our members many credit-related successes.

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  • 2.1m
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  • $482b
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