Does BICA offer services nationwide?
Yes. Preliminary Notice, Notice to Owner and Credit Reporting services are offered in all 50 states and Guam.

Does BICA confirm/verify construction information for the Preliminary Notice/NTO?
Yes.  Please review our “Verification Process” and “Biggest Filing Mistakes” on the ABOUT section of our website.

How can I reach BICA?
You can email BICA at [email protected] or call 1-800-722-2422

Is BICA a privately owned company?
No. BICA is a Mutual Benefit Corporation. All profits made by BICA are used by the Corporation to provide benefits to our clients.

Are Membership dues paid by every company?
Dues are paid by companies that do business in California. Our specialized services and recorded document products are specific to California. Companies doing business in CA will pay dues for one membership. Branches of these Members will not pay additional dues. Companies that do not provide work in California do not pay dues.

Can I contribute a blog/article to the BICA website?
Yes. You can email your blog proposal to [email protected]. All relevant articles will be reviewed and added as space permits.