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BICA provides nationwide “Upfront Notices” (notices usually required near the start of a job) for all 50 states, where required by statute. You may know these as a Preliminary Notice, Notice to Owner, Notice to Contractor, Notice of Right to Lien and other names on a state-by-state basis.

Often a different notice and/or different requirements exist in the same state, depending on whether the job is Commercial, Residential or Public.

Where no upfront notice is required in a state, BICA sends (at your option) what we call a Courtesy Notice, which simply lets the Owner and General Contractor know you’re working on or providing supplies to a job. Many companies like to send these to ensure the parties making payment are aware of your role in the job.

We also provide “Follow-Up Notices” (Balance Due, Notice of Nonpayment, Intent to Lien, etc.) in many states, depending on the lien law requirements for that state.

The write-ups on the right describe how we handle notices in each state. Where available, we’ve also included links to helpful articles about state lien law or areas of interest.

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