Michigan Mechanic’s Lien

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Below is an overview of the preliminary steps for filing a mechanic’s lien in the state of Michigan.


  • Upfront Notice:
    • Notice of Furnishing:
      • Required within 20 days after first delivery.
      • BICA sends a combination notice that includes both the:
        1. Request for Notice of Commencement. A Notice of Commencement is required to be filed by the owner.  It provides the correct names and addresses for the Notice of Furnishing.
        2. The Notice of Furnishing itself using the data we’ve been able to discover so far. This is done to make sure your legal requirement of filing this notice is fulfilled in case the Notice of Commencement is never returned to us or is late.
      • If the Notice of Commencement is sent to BICA, we re-verify all information on the job and if needed, re-send the Notice of Furnishing.
  • Follow-up Notice: There is no statutory follow-up notice.


  • Same handlings as for Commercial jobs.


  • Upfront Notice:
    • Notice to Contractor: This notice is required within 30 days after first delivery.
  • Follow-up Notices (if not paid):
    • 90-Day Notice to Contractor and Public Agency:
      • Required within 90 days of last furnishing labor or materials.
      • This notice does not apply to Highway projects
      • This notice is available on the BICA member portal.
    • 60-Day Notice on State Highway Projects:
      • This notice should be sent if working on a State Highway project.
      • Required within 60 days of last delivery.
      • This notice is available on the BICA member portal.

Throughout our site you can find more resources on the process of filing mechanic’s liens and preliminary notices. If you’re ready to get started, be sure to reach out to us on our contact page, or call us at (800) 722-2422.