Preliminary Notice/Notice to Owner (NTO)
Our Signature Verification Service starts at $20.50 per job. That fee includes every verification procedure that is outlined on the “Verification” page of this website. Volume discounts are part of the BICA pricing plan. Call us to learn more.


Mechanics’ Lien and Stop Payment Notice (Notices to Secure Funds)
Depending on the state, pricing for preparing and recording or filing your Lien and Stop Payment Notices begins at $141.00.


Waivers & Releases
Once you begin using the BICA Signature Verification Service, you’ll have access to our secure client portal. Preparing your waivers and releases – as well as other notable documents such as an “intent to file lien” –  is FREE!


Statutory Follow-up Notices
Depending on the state, pricing for preparing and recording/filing or mailing your Follow-up Notices begins at $27.00.

BICA Credit Reports
Our Construction Credit Report starts at $32.00.
Our BICA CA Lien & License Report starts at $29.00


Trade Reference Clearing
Prices for clearing four Trade References and two Bank References on your customer start at $18.00.


Accounts Receivable Aging
Pricing for this service is varied and depends on your reporting of your company’s ARA.


Other Credit Reports
D&B and Experian reports range from $28.50 to $156.50.

Notice of Completion (NOC)
For NOC monitoring, you can ask BICA to search for prior NOCs on a project or to only “Monitor” for new NOC recordings. You can also ask to receive only the FIRST NOC on a project or to receive EVERY NOC on a project. Pricing for NOC as a Package with the Preliminary Notice is only $9.00 per NOC. NOC requests, not part of the Package, start at $17.00.


BICA Sentry Report
The BICA Sentry Report continuously monitors your customer for one full year. Product pricing starts at $27.50.


Credit Exchange
Participation in Group Credit Exchange is free to BICA Members.


Weekly Bulletin – California & Arizona
Most BICA Members will receive one Weekly Bulletin with their membership. Purchasing the Weekly Bulletin is $29.00 per month.


Online Documents
Recorded documents can be searched on our Member website. Pricing starts at $8.50.

Members of BICA pay dues to have access to the CA/AZ services. Please call or contact us.

CRF Solutions
CRF Solutions can be contacted directly for pricing at 800-522-3858.


Additional Resources
Educational Seminars are priced as seminars are determined. Please join our mailing list to be notified of upcoming classes. CA Lien Forms that are used regularly are free on this website.