BICA Construction Credit Report

BICA Construction Credit Report

When you order a credit report, are you getting construction specific data?

BICA offers access to a nationwide credit report that can include Contractor License, Trade References, Accounts Receivable Aging, mechanics lien filing/release; notice of completion; (with live links to actual documents) notice of Lis Pendens (action/discharge); public records search on bankruptcy; tax lien or judgment; active trade lines; credit analysis and score; collection agency and factoring company activities; and links to state Registrars Of Contractors via our Member website.

Please watch this short video that explains the benefits of our report:

Other credit reports may have components of our report, but no agency will be solely specific to our industry. The importance of knowing liens that have been recorded against your customer is critical to establishing and maintaining an extension of credit. Our report relies on construction related recorded documents and Aging from construction companies to provide data relevant to your decision making process.

Video transcript:

I want to take a minute to talk to you about your credit report options. When you’re reviewing a credit report on a construction industry client, is the credit report providing you with construction specific data?

What is more valuable than having access to recorded documents like mechanic’s liens and tax liens and lis pendens and releases, and notices of completion that directly relates to your client’s credit activity in our industry.

The report that we provide is driven by construction recorded documents and accounts receivable aging from companies like yours. With access to bankruptcy filings and the State License Board for contractors our reports meet your need to actively vet your new and existing customers.

The BICA construction credit report provides recorded documents such as mechanic’s liens and tax liens, releases, lis pendens, notices of completion with actual links to those documents.
We have public record searches for bankruptcies, we provide active trade lines, credit analysis and scoring, plus collection agency and factoring company activity as well as the link to the state contractor license boards.

We know you have several options when choosing a credit report. We invite you to review our product, you will find it a superior product that provides an immediate gauge for your credit decision process.

Please call or email us for a free sample credit report.
My name is Andrea Parisi and I’m with Building Industry Credit Association.

Does your Credit Report... BICA Others
Show Mechanics' Liens and Lien Releases?
Show Lis Pendens?
Include residential liens?
Provide Accounts Receivable Aging Specific to Construction?
Provide Contractor’s License Status?
Tax Liens
Links to State Registrars Of Contractors
Collection Agency and Factoring Company Activities
Sample BICA Construction Credit Report
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