California / Arizona Services

California / Arizona Services

Notice of Completion (NOC)

BICA monitors your job for recorded Notices of Completion in every Southern California county, most Northern California counties as well as Maricopa County, Arizona. The Notice of Completion is a critical document for determining the time you have remaining to secure your Mechanics’ Lien and Stop Payment Notice (SPN).

Many times, you’re not notified of the recording of a NOC. Your time for recording your lien or serving your SPN is already running. Without knowing that the NOC has been recorded, your time to file those notices to secure payment may be gone.

You can also get immediate NOC information by calling our Notice of Completion Department, Monday through Friday, 8am – 5pm PST

PackageAdvantage – California

BICA’s exclusive PackageAdvantage is a cost-effective solution that combines our Preliminary Notice verification service with Notice of Completion monitoring service for the same job at significant savings.

BICA Sentry Report

Our BICA Sentry Report continuously monitors your customer for one full year. Any time a recorded document or accounts receivable is linked to your customer, you’ll be promptly notified by fax.

Credit Exchange

BICA clients exchange current, factual trade reference information on their customers with companies in similar trades. Companies can exchange information through emails and through our online portal. Included in the exchange of trade information, BICA will supply a recent credit report on the subject company. Participation in Group Credit Exchange is free to BICA Members.

Weekly Bulletin – California & Arizona

BICA’s Weekly Bulletin compiles relevant building industry public documents-Mechanics’ Liens, Design Professional Liens, Lien Releases, Lis Pendens and Withdrawal of Lis Pendens, Abstract and Satisfaction of Judgments, Tax Liens and Releases—from the same counties we monitor for Notices of Completion. You will receive a complete list of all of these documents that BICA received in the past week.

Online Documents

BICA’s extensive online sources mean you can instantly find recorded Mechanics’ Liens, Tax Liens, Releases, Abstracts of Judgment, Construction Trust Deeds, Notices of Non-Responsibility, Lis Pendens and Withdrawal of Lis Pendens, Payment/Performance Bonds and Building Permits. Search by Job Address, Original Contractor, Tract Number, Owner’s Name, Lender Name, Subject Name, Project Name, Case Number or Document Number.

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