Oregon Mechanic’s Lien

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Below is an overview of the preliminary steps for filing a mechanic’s lien in the state of Oregon.


  • Upfront Notice:
    • Notice of a Right to Lien:
      • Required within 8 business days (defined as not including Saturdays, Sundays and most holidays) of first delivery or work on the job.
      • This notice is not required for equipment rental.
  • Follow-up Notice:
    • Response to Demand for List of Materials:
      • You may receive a demand from the Lender for a list of the materials supplied and a statement of the amount due. This should be responded to within 15 business days of receipt or lose your preference over certain mortgages and other encumbrances and recovery of certain fees.


  • Same handlings as for Commercial jobs, except that notice is also required for equipment rental.
  • Residential is defined as “a building or structure that is or will be occupied by the owner as a residence and that contains not more than four units capable of being used as residences or homes.


  • Upfront Notice: BICA sends a Courtesy Notice.
  • Follow-up Notice (if not paid):
    • Notice of Claim:
      • Required to be sent to the Contractor and Contracting Body within 180 days after last supplying labor or materials.
      • This notice must be signed by the claimant or person sending the notice.

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