Alaska Mechanic’s Lien

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Below is an overview of the preliminary steps for filing a mechanic’s lien in the state of Alaska.


  • Upfront Notice:
    • Notice of Right to Lien:
      • This notice is optional, but gives important advantages.If you send this notice:
        • The Owner must alert you if he is going to shorten the time required to file a lien from 120 days to 15 days. Otherwise he has no obligation to inform you this has been done.
        • If not sent, to enforce your lien you must prove the Owner knew about and consented to your work on the project. If you send this notice, it is the owner who must prove he did not know or consent to your work, despite receiving this notice.
      • BICA sends this notice as the standard upfront notice on Alaska commercial jobs.
      • This notice should be given before starting work or supplying materials.
      • If recorded, it also gives precedence over any subsequent mortgage or deed of trust.
        • BICA will record this notice with the County Recorder upon request.
      • Those giving a Notice of Right to Lien must, upon request by the owner, prime contractor or lender, give a statement of the amount due within 10 days.
    • Request for Project Info:
    • BICA will include a Request for Project Info along with the Notice of Right to Lien. This information can help ensure any lien you file has valid information.
      • A prime contractor must supply information about the property address, owner, lender and bond surety (if any) within 5 days.
      • A subcontractor must supply the name of the person he contracted with within 5 days
      • A reputed lender must notify within 10 days if they are not the lender on this project.
  • Follow-up Notices:
    • Stop-Lending Notice:
      • This action requires the lender to stop disbursing funds to the project or become liable for the amount claimed due.
      • It is valid only against amounts not yet paid out by the Lender.
      • This notice is available on the BICA member portal.


  • Same handlings as for Commercial jobs.


  • Upfront Notice: BICA sends a Courtesy Notice.
  • Follow-up Notices:
    • Notice to Contractor (Claim on Bond): (if not paid)
      • This notice is required for those not in direct contract with the contractor furnishing the bond.
      • It must be sent, registered mail, within 90 days of last work or delivery on the job.
      • This notice is available on the BICA member portal.

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