Build On BICA…Build On Integrity

Kathy Hernandez January 31, 2017 19:01

There are two definitions of the noun ‘integrity’ according to Merriam-Webster: ‘The quality of being honest and fair’ and ‘the state of being complete and whole’. Both have defined BICA for over 110 years first in California and now nationwide in their services and offerings.

uncompromising integrity and heart

Andrea Parisi in her long tenure as President of BICA is a leader with uncompromising integrity and heart. She ensures that providing new, continuously improved quality products for the construction industry is her focus. Andrea has cultivated lasting relationships and partnerships with leaders and experts in the construction industry locally and nationwide.

One example of a leader in the industry, also serving as counsel on the BICA board, is the law office of Hunt Ortmann et al. For decades Hunt Ortmann has supported and guided BICA and its membership with educational seminars and countless hours that the firm has dedicated to California mechanics lien laws, enhancing and preserving those rights. Construction companies doing business in California, perhaps without even realizing it, have enjoyed the benefits of their involvement with Sacramento legislation.

what does BICA do?

As for myself, starting out as a young credit professional, I brought the BICA services into the companies that I have worked for through the years. All have long been members of BICA because of its educational offerings and the ‘street credit’ that a BICA membership provides. Often when providing policy decisions for my firm, a common question asked by a superior would be: ‘what does BICA endorse for this practice?’

I would look to BICA’s resources and educational recommendations as final and best practice for setting up a strong credit and collections department. I knew that I could rely on their resources to make my associates’ jobs easier, by securing my aging with lien rights. Preserving the integrity of our lien rights has been a priority of BICA. They have dedicated a group of associates who verify your lien information in their well staffed ‘Research Dept.’

Currently as National Credit Manager for E. B. Bradley Companies for 20 years, I’ve had the pleasure of serving on the board for 18 of them and have personally witnessed the growth and enrichment of their services with BICA’s nationwide Notice service, Notice of Completion service, NEW enhanced credit report and other services.

I would encourage you to contact BICA, and speak with our President Andrea Parisi about the services they can provide for your company in all 50 states.

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